iPhone Apps


iPhone / Productivity
Photo icons to make calls from your iPhone home screen.
  • Create an app-like icon from addressbook contact photo.
  • Take a new picture with camera or pick from photo library.
  • Phone calls, SMS, emails or FaceTime.


iPhone / Music
Music cover icons to play your music.
  • Add as many photo icons as you want.
  • Play the album with just one tap.
  • Play a song, several songs or the full album.
  • Music keeps playing even when you exit the application.

iPad Apps


iPad / Photography
Have fun with friends and family sharing your iPhone cameras in real time.
  • See a live preview for each connected camera with near video quality.
  • Take photos remotely.
  • Choose favorites and save them to iPad photo album.
  • Take photos and send them to the iPad automatically. Full sized copies.

Mac Apps


Mac / Utilities
Capture Every Item on Your Screen as a PSD Layered Image.
  • Inspector: Open the inspector window to customize your capture.
  • WebShot: Capture full web pages directly from Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • AppShot: Capture full scrollable areas from most Mac applications.


Mac / Productivity
Minimalistic pasteboard enhancement.
  • With CmdVees you copy texts sequentially and paste them, one after another, elsewhere. You don't need to switch apps and move back and forth just to avoid overwriting the pasteboard.
  • When you paste a saved item, it's removed from CmdVees history. When you paste again, the next one will be used and removed, and so on.


Mac / Utilities
Swap the windows from one display to the other.
  • Move all windows from your main display to your secondary one, and the other way around, at once. Also, you can swap front most application windows or just front most window.
  • Swap them quickly using a keyboard shortcut or even easier with a systemwide menu icon.

Layers Shots

Mac / Graphics
WebShots and AppShots from Layers.
Layers Shots features Layers' WebShots and AppShots as a separate app for those who don't need the full power of PSD capture.
  • WebShot: capture complete web pages directly from the browser, pixel accurate. Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox 3 and 4.
  • AppShot: capture the full content of most Mac applications windows, even if that content is not visible. Every scrollable area will be saved as a PSD layer.